Porter Capital represents numerous clients in the manufacturing industry. Our clients include carpet producers and clothing manufacturers, and we have added an internationally recognized footwear manufacturer to our growing client list. The consumer goods market is in a period of post-pandemic recovery, and we are working with manufacturers and distributors to fund growth. 

The Referral Source 

Our new client was referred to us by a broker who is part of our network of partners in business consulting. We also partner with commercial, business, and special assets bankers, as well as venture capital firms. Porter works with established companies and those in start-up mode. We welcome your referrals and please feel free to contact us to learn more about our commission rates.   

The Company 

Our client manufactures shoes that are not only stylish but also comfortable. There are several startups and established brands all competing in the comfort shoe space. As the global footwear market continues to grow, our client is focused on increasing production and their online presence. Comfortable footwear is in demand and social media marketing is key to brand recognition.   

The Financial Solution 

Porter Capital provided a $1.5 million line of credit to our client, ensuring steady cash flow and supporting their rapid business growth strategy. Many apparels and footwear manufacturers sell to large department stores and are on invoice payment terms often net 30 after the sale, with some hold-back for returns. Large retailers can delay payment because placement in these stores is often strategically important to suppliers. For many manufacturers, this time between invoices sent and invoices paid is lengthy and can create cash flow gaps. Porter Capital can eliminate this gap and smooth cash flow, providing opportunities to increase production and grow your company. 

Porter Capital Can Help Fund Your Business Growth 

If you are a business owner looking for working capitalinvoice factoring, or have found yourself in a situation like our new footwear manufacturing client, please visit our Apply Page.    

If you are a broker looking for solutions to meet the needs of prospects who do not qualify for traditional financing, you can submit a referral for review on our Partner Page. Our team would welcome the opportunity to find the right financial solution to best fit your client’s needs.  

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