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Referral Partner Program for Banks

Get started as a referral partner with Porter Capital and get generous commission on funding.

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Strengthen Your Banking Services by Becoming a Referral Partner

Do you have a partnership with an alternative lender in place? Whether it’s for a single client or an entire portfolio, Porter Capital is ready to collaborate with your banking divisions across commercial, small business, special assets, investment, and asset-based lending sectors.

Yes, we’re here to work for you! If your bank has nonperforming loans or loans that don’t meet your lending criteria, reach out to Porter Capital. We can help with:

We understand that not all businesses fit the mold for traditional loans or credit lines, and some may face challenges meeting your banking requirements. While other businesses may have non-performing loans and need alternative financing to get back on track. At Porter Capital, we can assist with your turndowns and financial workouts.

Our expertise in customizing alternative financing solutions, combined with our proactive approach to maintaining bank relationships, delivers positive outcomes for clients and bankers alike. Contact us to explore the benefits of partnering with Porter. We aim to become your top choice for alternative financing referrals.

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We work with bankers nationwide and understand that handling a single referral effectively can lead to the development of a strong and lasting partnership.

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Loan Repayment

Porter Capital can facilitate the repayment of your client’s existing bank loan.

Preserve Deposits

We actively work with banks to ensure they can retain the client’s deposits.

Maintain Relationships

Porter Capital ensures a smooth transition and preserves the positive relationship between the client and your bank.

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