Manufacturers manage a wide range of ongoing projects and outstanding invoices. To keep your company afloat through high and low production periods, you can choose invoice financing or accounts receivable factoring. Manufacturing factoring services allow businesses like yours to eliminate debt, maintain payroll and continue production while your invoices process.

At Porter Capital, we make it easy for manufacturing companies to go full steam ahead, even during their slowest seasons. Instead of waiting up to three months for your client to pay their invoice, choose our factoring services for the manufacturing industry. Factoring gives manufacturers the confidence and stability to pay ongoing expenses like materials, equipment and payroll.

What Is Manufacturing Factoring?

Imagine this: You get a product request from a new client. While you manufacture, package and ship the product, you send an invoice to the client. Depending on your payment plan, clients could take 30, 60 or 90 days to complete each invoice, creating a gap in your cash flow. With factoring, you receive a cash advance on your outstanding invoices and transfer invoice ownership to our accounts receivable team at Porter Capital. Then, we wait for payment in full from your client and send you any remaining balance minus our fee!

Invoice factoring for manufacturing companies allows businesses to create a payment system that works for their schedules. Factoring can be especially helpful throughout periods of low demand or high production. As manufacturers, your day-to-day business requires constant cash flow. You can maintain production costs with our manufacturing financing services.

Benefits of Factoring for Manufacturers

Manufacturers often factor their invoices to account for the industry’s unpredictability. Whether you’ve been operating for five or 50 years, your manufacturing company is bound to go through slower periods of demand. To keep yourself afloat throughout the years, you can choose our accounts receivable factoring for manufacturers.

Aside from the immediate cash advance, factoring services provide countless benefits for manufacturing companies, including:

  • Options for nontraditional funding: Securing funding for manufacturing companies can be difficult if you aren’t approved by standard credit or collateral checks. Accounts receivable factoring is an excellent loan alternative that offers reliable working capital.
  • Everyday security: As a business, you can’t delay your everyday production costs. Our factoring services help you cover short- and long-term expenses so you can grow in the industry.
  • Stress-free stability: Manufacturers can enjoy stress-free production throughout the year knowing they’ll receive their invoice payments upfront.

How Porter Capital Helps Manufacturing Companies

At Porter Capital, we provide factoring for manufacturing companies needing simplified funding assistance. Skip the complicated bank loans and receive immediate cash flow! We make it easy to apply and can often approve your business in days. Though we’re happy to be your long-term partner, there’s no obligation to factor every invoice. Choose which invoices need an advance, and we’ll be on the other end ready to begin processing.

Our team is in the office every day, eager to learn more about your business. Tell us about your cash needs, send your invoices and watch as your assets grow over time! We’ll help you pay your necessary expenses without the wait. Our client service representatives are also happy to assist your team with collections, back-office support, credit insurance and more. Speak with our team to learn more about a business partnership with Porter!

Get Factoring for Your Manufacturing Company

Our manufacturing factoring services can be an unmeasurable asset to your business. Skip the months-long waiting game for your outstanding invoices and get a reliable cash advance from Porter Capital! Our team offers funding solutions to support your business’s short- and long-term goals. With factored invoices, watch your business grow into a fierce competitor in the manufacturing industry.

Discover how invoice financing can change your manufacturing company when you speak with one of our experts today! Ready to get started? Apply for our services online!