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Funding Solutions for Your Manufacturing Company

In the manufacturing industry, managing ongoing projects, balancing invoices, and ensuring smooth operations during both busy and slow seasons are essential tasks. Managing cash flow shouldn’t add to your business’s complexity. This is where invoice financing and accounts receivable factoring can help.

At Porter Capital, we’re committed to streamlining your finances, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best — manufacturing. Say goodbye to waiting up to 90 days for payments and hello to quick, reliable invoice processing with our comprehensive factoring services.

Our team at Porter Capital understands the pulse of your industry. We offer tangible solutions that help maintain a smooth production line, cover costs for essential materials, manage payroll, and support your operations, even in quieter times. We equip you with the financial stability you need to stay ahead in your field.

Let’s leap over the hurdles of unpredictable market conditions together. At Porter Capital, we’re not just offering a service; we’re offering a partnership to help your manufacturing business thrive. With our help, your invoices will work for you, bolstering your business against the challenges of the manufacturing industry. Join us, and together, let’s gear up for your future growth.

Manufacturing Deals We’ve Funded

At Porter Capital, we provide factoring for manufacturing companies needing simplified funding assistance. Check out some of the deals we’ve funded for the manufacturing industry below.

$300K Funded to an Ice Cream Producer

$3M Funded to a Toy Manufacturer

$200K Funded to a High-End Shoe Manufacturer

$4M Funded to a Vending Machine Manufacturer

$500K Funded to a Machine Parts Manufacturer

$1.5M Funded to a Designer Footwear Manufacturer

$500K Funded to a Jet Engine Components Manufacturer

$2M Funded to a Tire Manufacturer and Importer

$4M Funded to a Sportswear Apparel Company

Manufacturing Factoring: A Flexible Financial Solution

Manufacturing factoring, often referred to as invoice factoring, is a financial resource designed specifically to address the unique needs of the manufacturing industry. It’s not merely a means to convert invoices into immediate cash—it’s a multifaceted solution that:

Establishes a Bespoke Payment Cycle: Transforming invoice processing according to your operations’ tempo. This greatly smooths your financial path, especially during the ups and downs of demand.
Expertly Handles the Fluctuations of the Manufacturing Industry: Effectively addressing potential cash flow issues during periods of low demand or high output.
Ensures Consistent Cash Flow: A crucial aspect in keeping your production line operational and primed for scaling.
Aids in Effective Cost Management: Our financing services are designed to sustain your operations and manage your production costs.


In the ever-changing landscape of manufacturing, a solid cash flow solution is vital. It doesn’t matter if your business is just cutting its teeth at five years or has been a resilient player for fifty, you’ll invariably face the unpredictability of demand fluctuations. This is where factoring steps in, serving as your trusted financial ally. It goes beyond just facilitating quick cash infusion, bringing with it a multitude of benefits tailored for the unique needs of manufacturers.

A Dependable Alternative Funding Source: Factoring steps in seamlessly, especially when securing funding becomes difficult due to credit evaluations or collateral checks not hitting the mark.
Guaranteed Financial Reliability: A manufacturing business cannot afford to have daily production costs compromised. Factoring assists in meeting short- and long-term expenses, bolstering your industry growth.
An Anchor of Financial Stability: With factoring, say hello to stress-free production all year round. You get the comfort of knowing your invoice payment isn’t lingering somewhere out there—it’s right there in your pocket, ensuring a stable financial standing.


So, consider partnering with Porter Capital for your accounts receivable factoring. This proactive choice not only provides a solution to your cash flow needs and combats the uncertainty of the manufacturing industry, but also paves the way for strategic growth avenues for your manufacturing enterprise.

How Porter Capital Helps Manufacturing Companies

Say goodbye to the hassles of complex bank loans and welcome instant cash flow! Our application process is straightforward, meaning your business can often be approved in a matter of days. While we’re more than ready to provide long-term partnership, we offer you the flexibility to choose which invoices to factor—there’s absolutely no obligation to factor every single one.

Equipped with a deep interest in understanding your business, our committed team stands ready to help. Share your cash requirements with us, submit your invoices, and watch as your financial resources expand! We’re here to help you manage your essential expenses without delay.

Further enhancing your experience, our client service representatives are eager to offer assistance with collections, back-office support, credit insurance, and more. Get in touch with our team to find out how a business partnership with Porter can drive your business forward!

Utilize our invoice factoring calculator to determine the estimated cash advance, the final amount receivable upon invoice payment, and the associated factoring fee.

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Our manufacturing factoring services can be an unmeasurable asset to your business. Skip the months-long waiting game for your outstanding invoices and get a reliable cash advance from Porter Capital! Our team offers funding solutions to support your business’s short- and long-term goals. With factored invoices, watch your business grow into a fierce competitor in the manufacturing industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Imagine this: You get a product request from a new client. While you manufacture, package and ship the product, you send an invoice to the client. Depending on your payment plan, clients could take 30, 60 or 90 days to complete each invoice, creating a gap in your cash flow. With factoring, you receive a cash advance on your outstanding invoices and transfer invoice ownership to our accounts receivable team at Porter Capital. Then, we wait for payment in full from your client and send you any remaining balance minus our fee!

Taking major loans from banks may help manufacturing businesses get the funds they need to manage cash flow, but it drives the business into heavy debts. Using invoice factoring to support manufacturing business can help entrepreneurs avoid debts and meet their cash flow requirements to buy equipment, repair parts, and maintain payroll.