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Asset Based Lending

Asset-based lending solutions to help you leverage your assets to grow your business.

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Create Reliable Cash Flow with an Asset Based Loan

Businesses use asset-based financial services to create reliable cash flow in periods of high demand. An asset-based loan requires borrowers to provide current collateral sources in exchange for a financial relationship with the lender. Your assets may include any physical or liquid collateral available to your business.

At Porter Capital, we offer asset-based lending services to help you overcome cash flow shortages. If your business experiences periods of high volatility, asset-backed loans can help you cover payroll or equipment needs. With more consistent working capital, you can feel confident creating new growth at your company — and having a trusted partner in the process.

How Our Asset-Based Lending Process Works

An asset-based line of credit offers complete flexibility to the borrower. Companies may choose an asset-based lending service in a period of higher production and lower cash flow. Many manufacturers, distributors, and retail-centered businesses are excellent candidates for asset-based loans.

Businesses can apply with liquid or non-liquid collateral, including accounts receivable or physical inventory. As asset-based lenders, we evaluate your application based on the strength of your collateral. Once you complete the application for this financial service, we will verify your assets through an appraisal process and determine your eligibility for a line of credit.

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