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Factoring for Transportation Companies

Boost your transportations company’s cash flow with factoring solutions.

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Funding Solutions for Your Transportation Business

In the transportation industry, trucks are always running, and people are always moving. Freight and trucking companies are consistently at odds with their clients’ payment schedules, creating cash flow gaps. These gaps can create financial strain, no matter how well-established you are. For these reasons and more, most trucking companies use invoice financing for their transportation services.

Invoice financing, also known as factoring, is a strategic process trucking companies use to get a cash advance on their outstanding payments. As a freight factoring services provider, we at Porter Capital are dedicated lenders. We prioritize your independence by offering upfront cash advances on your invoices. You can take your business to the next level in the transportation industry with more working capital.

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Transportation Deals We’ve Funded

 Our team has provided factoring services for the transportation industry for decades, so we know how to handle your needs. Check out some of the deals we’ve funded for the transportation industry below.

$60K Funded to a Freight Hauling Company

$500K Funded to a High-Tech Logistics Firm

$60K Funded to a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Company

What Is Freight Bill Factoring?

It’s especially common in the trucking industry to wait at least 30-90 days for payment. Small and large businesses alike often can’t afford to wait months for funding, which is where trucking invoice factoring comes in. Instead of waiting on your clients to submit their payments, you can factor your bills and get an instant advance.

Porter Capital offers quick and affordable factoring services for the transportation industry. By factoring your invoices, you pass the collection responsibility to our team, making it easier to manage your daily expenses. Here’s how we at Porter manage our factoring services for trucking companies:

  1. Your company submits a verified invoice to our team.
  2. We deposit up to a 95% advance within days.
  3. You proceed as usual with your funding while we wait for payment from the client.
  4. Once the amount is paid in full, we return your remaining balance minus a small factoring fee.

Benefits of Financing for Trucking Companies

Freight bill factoring services offer unmatched funding potential for all your outstanding invoices. Whether you operate a nationwide transportation fleet or a local freight service, your business can enjoy the security and flexibility of transportation invoice factoring. With upfront funding for all your overhead expenses, you can focus on expanding your company and doing more with what you have!

Invoice factoring can change the way you manage and apply your monthly budget. Get paid for your services instantly with Porter Capital’s invoice financing for the trucking industry. Businesses choose us for our:

  • Streamlined process: We’ve perfected our factoring services for transportation companies over more than 30 years of business. We deposit your advance in days and streamline the billing collection process.
  • Loan alternatives: Some businesses won’t qualify for standard loans or lines of credit. Our invoice factoring application accepts many candidates regardless of credit or collateral.
  • Long-term partnerships: After you’re approved once for invoice factoring, we at Porter become your partner for life! You can choose to factor every invoice or use our services seasonally — no obligation necessary!

Utilize our invoice factoring calculator to determine the estimated cash advance, the final amount receivable upon invoice payment, and the associated factoring fee.

Factored Invoice Amount ($)
Factoring Rate (%)
Advance Rate (%)

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How Porter Capital Helps Trucking Companies

As a trucking company, you already manage a lot of moving parts. Allow the team at Porter Capital to handle the billing. Invoice factoring allows you to experience hassle-free payment plans without inconveniencing yourself