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Best broker referral commission rates…

Types of Financing

With flexible lending solutions, Porter Capital can help clients that may not qualify for traditional financing. We offer invoice factoring and asset based funding for businesses primarily in the United States.


We work with businesses that bill other businesses in the staffing, manufacturing, oil & gas services, distribution and technology industries, plus others. We do not work with companies that progress bill and those that bill insurance companies.

Credit Lines $10K – $25MM

We can help companies expand, acquire other companies, pay employees, finance new equipment or help companies obtain the inventory they need to land larger customers and/or expand their offerings.

Advance Rates

We offer advances as high as 90% on accounts receivable.


With flexible funding options that work for the way companies do business, we help those not eligible for traditional financing. From startups to large companies, we can help a business experiencing:

  • High customer concentrations
  • Rapid or high sales growth
  • Expansion
  • Seasonal sales
  • Poor cashflow
  • Extended trade payables
  • Turnarounds
  • High leverage
  • Undercapitalization
  • New ownership
  • Past or current bankruptcy
  • An acquisition
  • Being asked to leave current lender
  • Losses
  • Unpaid taxes
  • Problems with personal credit history


Why You Should Consider Sending a Referral

When you refer a business to Porter Capital, you are helping to move that business forward while giving them access to our excellent customer service. We provide each referral factoring client with access to a dedicated customer service representative and our customer service portal to ensure each company has the support they need while taking advantage of our factoring services.

Participating in our factoring referral program benefits your own company as well. Just submit our referral form with the name and details of a business you think would benefit from our services, and after we fund their account, your company will receive a 15% factoring referral commission. Our invoice factoring referral program is a simple way to gain extra cash for your business while helping companies achieve financial stability.

Send a Referral Today

At Porter Capital, we help small and medium-sized businesses across North America thrive by providing reliable funding to reduce the impact of long invoice repayment periods. We want to help more companies handle daily operations and grow while rewarding our current referral partners with a 15% commission. Refer a business today to help your fellow business owners thrive.