Check out the details of our most recent funding for a foreign-owned, US subsidiary, technology staffing company: 

The Referral Source 

At Porter Capital, we have strong partnerships and referral sources that we have been doing business with for decades. A broker and trusted advisor knew Porter Capital would be a good fit for this client. 

The Company 

A technology staffing company with strong resourcing capabilities and operations in the US, Canada, India, and Thailand. The company has a global workforce of over 400 individuals and can quickly scale to suit enterprise clients with projects involving cloud technology, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and enterprise resource planning technologies. The company has over 45 locations and is equipped to staff, multi-country, and multi-technology projects for large enterprises including airlines, retailers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and global trade organizations   

The Financial Solution 

The company is rapidly acquiring new clients and was seeking capital to allow for its expansion needs. Poter Capital moved quickly to establish a $2MM line to support its growth plans.  

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