Birmingham, AL, May 6, 2024 – Porter Capital Corporation, a leader in alternative financing, proudly announces the successful completion of a financing agreement aimed at replacing a conventional loan and bolstering the liquidity of Switch, an award-winning agency specializing in creating, producing and operating major business events, field marketing tours and trade show environments for its clients.

As a marketing agency dedicated to its corporate clients, Switch’s CFO, Maggie Laur, emphasized the importance of finding financing solutions that align with their unique business model. Encountering challenges within traditional banking avenues, Switch sought alternative financing options to fuel its growth initiatives. Laur remarked, “When we started our search for alternative financing, we were quickly introduced to Porter Capital, a leader in the industry, and were impressed by the efficiency and positivity of everyone on the Porter team.”

Porter Capital was recommended to Switch by a partner in Porter Capital’s referral program. Switch’s decision to collaborate with Porter Capital was solidified by the recommendation and strengthened by the exceptional experience they encountered with the team. A pivotal moment for Switch was the rapid response and personalized attention they received from Porter Capital. “The fact that they hopped on a plane and immediately came to Missouri was meaningful to us. This was important and impressive to our owners,” expressed Maggie Laur.

Within days of being recommended as a financial partner, Porter Capital’s Chief Operating Officer, Kate Smith, and Senior Vice President and Head of Sales, John Cox Miller, both traveled to Switch’s headquarters in Missouri. John Cox Miller stated, “Face-to-face collaboration is important and allows us to gather the information needed to make quick decisions. Our clients appreciate our agility and customer-focused approach.”

With Porter Capital’s assistance, Switch is able to move forward with its growth objectives. Porter Capital accommodated Switch’s request to only finance one of their customers who required extended payment terms of the agency. This is not new for Porter Capital, while most alternative lenders adhere to shorter terms of invoice eligibility and a lower concentration cap.

Switch also commended Porter Capital for its seamless transition from Sales to Operations.  They complimented their dedicated Account Executive for her knowledgeable support throughout the financing process. “We’re thrilled with the outcome and highly recommend Porter Capital to businesses seeking responsive and supportive financing solutions,” concluded Maggie Laur.

About Porter Capital Group
Porter Capital Corporation was founded in 1991 by brothers Marc and Donald Porter in Birmingham, AL. Porter offers working capital solutions to businesses all over the country in a variety of industries. As a direct lender and factoring company, Porter Capital has provided over $10 billion in funding since its inception. Porter Capital offers Invoice Factoring and Asset Based Credit Lines up to $40 million. Since founding the company, Porter Capital has expanded to include a special transportation division known as Porter Freight Funding. The Porter businesses continue to grow by providing working capital solutions, emphasizing personalized, dedicated customer service without sacrificing speed and efficiency. To know more about Porter Capital Corporation and how it can be a working capital solution provider for businesses, call 1-888-865-7678 or visit its official website.