Mud Logging Company | $50K AR Credit Line

Located in Oklahoma City, OK, with $300K in revenue, the company was looking for a way to add additional employees and take on more work. Comfortable with challenging credit, our team funded the client a $50K AR Line of Credit in only 3 days, providing the owner with the cash flow needed to grow and expand the business.

Service Company | $8MM AR Credit Line

With $40MM in revenue, the company required a cash flow solution due to a string of late-paying customers left by the pandemic. After connecting to the Porter Capital team via an investment banker, an $8MM credit line secured by Accounts Receivable was extended, allowing for an increase in cash flow without restrictive financial covenants.

Healthcare Staffing Company | $50K AR Credit Line

Referred by another one of our clients in the healthcare staffing industry, this Minnesota-based company was doing $300K in revenue and needed additional funds to meet payroll promptly. The Porter team moved quickly to fund the client a $50K AR Line of Credit within 1 day of receiving completed documents.

Start-up Nurse Staffing Company | $25K AR Credit Line

Operating as a start-up, this Minnesota-based Nurse Staffing Company was looking to take on more work while also keeping up with current payroll demands. Our team funded the client a $25K AR Line of Credit in only 2 days, leaving the owners confident in their future endeavors.

Food Packaging Supplier | $750K Credit Line

After landing a contract with a large customer operating on 90-day payment terms, this successful Texas-based Food Packaging Supplier was looking for a financial solution to meet the needs of this new type of customer. Doing $12MM in revenue, the supplier turned to Porter for the financial flexibility needed to keep up with future orders. Within 11 days, Porter funded the supplier a $750K credit line.

Temporary Staffing Company | $200K A/R Financing Line

Florida-based staffing company providing day labor & temporary/permanent solutions. After 2 years of business, the company started to experience growth, causing a gap in cash flow. Referred to Porter Capital through a broker contact, our team extended a $200K A/R financing line to help smooth out cash flow so the owners can focus on growing the business. The staffing company is now on track to generate $2.4MM in revenue this year.

Industrial Maintenance Staffing Company | $150K Credit Line with no concentration cap

Founded on staffing electricians in Texas, this $2MM company has streamlined the process to provide clients with the right people for the job in various trades. After taking on a new client with extended credit terms, the company experienced a gap in cash flow. Porter bridged the gap via a $150K credit line with no concentration cap.