Since 1992 (one year after Porter Capital was founded) “Customer Service Week” is a celebration of the importance of a company’s operations and of the people who serve and support customers at Porter Capital. This amazing group of people is also critical in making sure that our clients get the funding or working capital they need to help rocket their business to brand new heights. To celebrate this holiday we have been showing our appreciation and gratitude to the people here at Porter Capital responsible for our top-rated customer service and client reviews.
Providing excellent customer service is required to acquire and maintain customers for growth and competitiveness in the market. Supporting customers is more than answering questions; it is about creating customer trust. The reason why Porter Capital celebrates this holiday is to show that a business is not just what’s on the exterior; it’s all about what’s on the inside. Behind all the eye-catching business marking and sales team is the heart of most successful companies, and that is the back office. The operation team is what we call it here at Porter Capital because they provide the platform for organizational growth. They are the lifeblood of everything our business does and will do. The efficiency and reliability of our operations team ensures the health of our business and allows us here at Porter Capital to continue to do what we do best, and that’s focusing on providing the best possible funding and service to our clients.
When communicating with the operations team, you will notice how much they offer to the success of Porter Capital. They provide the customer service that helped our current clients give us a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Trust Pilot. They make sure that each client is taken care of financially every day of the week. They are providing each client with a direct person to talk to about their account and will receive notifications about their account right away. Our operation employees care about the well-being of our clients, and it shows in how much they strive to go out of their way to check up on each one. They want to see your company grow just as much as you do. The journey from becoming a prospect to a client:
  1. Speak with our experienced sales team about your company’s financial needs
  2. Sign the Factoring Proposal and have funds from Porter Capital deposited into your account at 8:00 am the morning after invoices are verified
  3. Communicating with the operations team about the quickest possible way to be funded
  4. Growing your company to its highest potential thanks to new access to working capital
As you can tell, the operations team is a crucial importance for every new and existing client. They are the ones that will be communicating with our clients from the first day of beginning the funding process until the very last. The operation team was asked a series of questions about Porter Capital, and to show how much they care about our clients, here are a few of the many answered questions from our Operation employees.
What drew you to Porter initially? And how has Porter changed since?
“I was attracted to Porter as it is a family-owned business that values its staff and clients. They can think outside of the box, which allows us to truly help our clients. This still holds true today. It is such a valuable offering in today’s culture where so much emphasis is put on automation with lack the human touch.”
What is the favorite part about working for Porter?