When you enter a factoring contract, you agree to sell your invoices, or accounts receivable, to a factoring company or third party that gives you a cash advance. This third party will then become your company’s collection department on these invoices. To notify your clients of this change of invoice ownership, the financial provider will send them a Notice of Assignment (NOA).

If you’re considering factoring your accounts receivable, you may be wondering what an NOA contains and what effects it may have on your customers and business. In this guide, we’ll cover the components of an NOA, how your factoring company sends them, and their role in the factoring process.

What is a NOA in Factoring?

A notice of assignment is a simple letter from a third party to your customers. It legally explains that a change of invoice ownership has occurred, informing your clients that a third party (bank, factoring company, financing company) will now manage and collect accounts receivable. The NOA will provide a remittance address so customers can update their payment information. The purpose of this communication is to notify your customers of a change in the collection process.

What Is a Notice of Assignment?

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How Do Factoring Companies Notify Your Customers?

Factoring is more common than ever and clients range from NYC modeling agencies and namesake branded product line manufacturers, to small startup companies selling gourmet food items. No company is too large or too small to factor their invoices and many work with big box stores that demand longer payment terms to have products on their shelves. These 90 to 120 day payment terms can make factoring a necessity for smooth cash flow.

Your customers will receive the NOA as a letter in the mail to sign and return. Your business will also receive a copy of this letter. Ensure you fully understand the language used in the NOA and your responsibilities in the transition process. Sometimes business owners worry about their customers’ reactions to receiving an NOA. Invoice factoring is becoming an increasingly popular and acceptable means for financing businesses across many industries, so your customers may already be accustomed to the process. You can alert your clients about a coming NOA, proactively resolving any questions or concerns that may arise.

Why Is a NOA in Factoring Important?

When you enter a factoring contract, you agree to sell the intangible financial rights to your invoices and receive cash up front for those invoices. Because the rights are intangible, factoring companies need legal language that outlines ownership of the AR. Once the NOA is completed, a business receives the cash advance while the factor waits for invoice payments. The NOA is a critical part of the financial relationship and protects the financing provider in the event of misdirected payments. An NOA ensures all parties are aware of their responsibilities throughout the factoring process so everyone can enjoy the benefits.

Components of a NOA Document

The NOA document will contain a few vital pieces of information, including:

  • Notification that accounts receivable have been assigned and is payable to a third party
  • An updated payment address.
  • An explanation of customer liability in the event of a misdirected payment.

Each component of the NOA ensures the factoring relationship runs smoothly by giving customers the information they need to make correct payments. It may also outline steps for your company to take if you receive a misdirected payment.

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