Are you looking for a fast and affordable source of working capital for your business? Or perhaps you’ve been refused a loan by the bank? Whatever brought you to Porter Capital, you’re in the right place.

We specialize in providing a range of fast, flexible, and low-cost funding solutions to meet the specific requirements of small and medium-sized businesses across Texas. We support the Oil & Gas industry and several others and know that we can find a funding option that will support your business as it grows.

As a top factoring company in Texas, we’re proud to offer working capital solutions for Texas businesses that cannot access other sources of credit or find that traditional funding does not meet their needs. Whatever your situation, we work hard to provide the most competitive funding options and deliver a personalized and dedicated customer service experience.

Texas Factoring and Funding Solutions

It used to be that if you couldn’t access a business loan from the bank or another mainstream commercial lender, you’d have to pay over the odds. These days, that’s just not the case. We offer factoring and finance solutions with rates as low as just 0.75%. Our business funding services in Texas can scale with your company and are structured so you don’t have to take on more debt.

Our business funding solutions include:

  • Invoice Factoring: Raise money against unpaid customer invoices and receive up to 95% of an invoice’s value within just 24 hours of it being issued.
  • Accounts Receivable Financing: Rather than picking and choosing the invoices you raise funding against, our accounts receivable financing in Texas provides an advance payment on every invoice you issue. Instead of waiting for 30, 60, or 90 days for a customer to pay an invoice, you’ll receive the funds almost immediately.
  • DIP Financing: Debtor in Possession (DIP) financing is only available to businesses that have filed for bankruptcy protection. If you have a viable plan for the future, it can provide the lifeline you need to turn your business around.
  • Supply Chain Financing: If you sell goods or materials to a large company with an excellent credit record, this form of funding could be for you. It allows you to borrow money against the invoices you issue to that customer to provide a sustainable cash flow boost.
  • Working Capital Loans: Need a short-term loan to pay a supplier or settle a bill? We provide working capital loan services in Texas on very competitive terms to help you operate effectively on a day-to-day basis and capitalize on new opportunities as and when they come along.
  • Asset-Based Lending: As one of the top asset-based lenders in Texas, we provide a line of credit that’s secured against business assets such as accounts receivable, inventory, and machinery so you can access the funding you need.

Specialist Funding for Your Industry

We know that the working capital challenges you face differ depending on the size of your business, your business model, and the industry you operate in. That’s why we provide factoring and funding solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses in a broad range of industries across Texas. That includes:

  • Oil and Gas: With long payment terms and cash flow shortfalls common in the oil and gas industry, we provide asset-based lending solutions and invoice factoring facilities to keep your business afloat.
  • Staffing Agencies: Your clients may not pay you quickly but you still have to pay your staff on time. That’s where working capital loans and accounts receivable financing can help.
  • Manufacturers: We help you to keep your production lines running with flexible and affordable financing that’s available within just 24 hours.
  • Distributors: Don’t miss out on new opportunities because of a lack of cash flow. We can make sure you have a ready supply of cash with factoring facilities that grow in line with your business.
  • Industrial and Business Services: Pay your vendors promptly and deliver the highest quality services with factoring and accounts receivable financing to keep the money flowing in.
  • Transportation and TruckingWe now have our own transport division, Porter Freight Funding, where you can find the funding to keep your trucking business rolling.

Get Factoring for Your Texas Business

Porter Capital’s invoice factoring services in Texas are an ideal solution for credit-squeezed businesses that may not meet the criteria to receive approval for traditional financing options. With over 30 years of experience in varying industries such as transportation and oil and gas, Porter Capital can find an accurate solution to meet your business’s specific needs.

When you partner with Porter Capital, you will also gain access to additional services such as credit checks and collection services to help improve daily operations while reducing overhead costs. We also pair every client with one of our Client Service Representatives to ensure we are providing optimal support to develop an accurate financial solution.

Porter Capital can be your go-to factoring service for your small to medium-sized business in Texas. Whether you are looking for invoice factoring or asset-based lending services, our team has the experience and knowledge to develop an effective plan to improve cash flow without increasing debt from loans.

Please complete our contact form today if you’re ready to secure reliable funding and financing for your Texas business with Porter Capital.

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