Porter Capital is proud to be a top factoring company in Florida that offers flexible customized funding solutions. Our factoring programs will provide your company with a steady cash flow to allow you to handle daily operating expenses and create a strong financial foundation for expansion.

Factoring for Your Florida Business

Traditionally, if a business did not meet the strict financial requirements of commercial lending institutions, it would have to pay over the odds. With factoring services, a company can receive reliable funding without stellar credit scores.

Porter Capital is a funding and factoring company that helps small and medium-sized Florida businesses gain access to competitive financial solutions. Our factoring services will provide your company with a customized funding solution regardless of your business’s financial situation.

Factoring Services We Offer to Florida Businesses

Porter Capital offers a flexible range of factoring services in Florida to allow businesses without perfect credit scores to access affordable funding. We offer many financial options for business owners, such as:

  • Invoice factoring: Businesses can receive up to 95% of their invoice value upfront with our invoice factoring services in Florida. Instead of you waiting up to 90 days for your customer to complete a payment, our services will enable you to access your income within 24 hours.
  • Accounts receivable financing: While this service is similar to invoice factoring, our accounts receivable financing in Florida functions more like a traditional loan. A business will submit all invoices for funding and to serve as collateral.
  • Debtor in Possession (DIP) financing: DIP financing can provide companies in bankruptcy with viable plans for the future with the necessary funds to continue operations and improve their financial situations.
  • Supply chain financing: Supply chain financing allows smaller suppliers that sell to larger companies to stabilize their cash flow by receiving the entire value of an invoice minus a small fee upfront. When payment for the invoice is due, the buyer will pay the lender directly.
  • Working capital loans: Our working capital loan services in Florida can help your small business maintain a healthy cash flow. Small businesses can use our short-term capital loans to pay their bills and meet daily costs to operate efficiently.
  • Asset-based lendingIf your business is rich in assets, you may benefit from the line of credit that asset-based lending provides. Because we are one of the top asset-based lenders in Florida, you can be confident this financial solution is secure against assets such as inventory, accounts receivable and equipment.

Types of Florida Industries We Help

The challenges your Florida business faces may differ depending on its size, financial position and industry. These various considerations allow us to find flexible and affordable funding solutions that meet your company’s requirements. Some of the industries we support include:

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External financing options are a huge opportunity to help your company reach new heights. Porter Capital offers access to flexible business funding services in Florida to help companies create a steady cash flow. We have helped many businesses across Florida and throughout North America and we want yours to be next.

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