Since Porter Capital launched, we have provided over $6 billion in funding for businesses in a variety of industries. This experience, gives us the unique ability to strategically structure complex credit facilities that suit your financial needs. Whether you’re looking to grow a new staffing company or scale production, Porter Capital has worked hard to help companies grow with alternative financing. Our team takes pride in being the fastest lender and meeting our customers’ funding timelines. The alternative solutions we offer are assembled immediately. Please see some of our case studies below for a review.

Deals Funded

Supplier of Fresh and Frozen Seafood
$250K Line of Credit

The company had multiple Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs) totaling $75,000. The company was eager to get out of the restrictive MCA agreements.

Financial Services Company
$2MM Line of Credit

This firm was experiencing rapid growth while providing alternative solutions to Oil and Gas companies; Porter helped future growth and back-office solutions.

Commercial Maintenance Company
$200K Non-Recourse Loan

Porter Capital was able to size up the risk and fund the company as requested. The factoring line injected much-needed cash while positioning the company for growth.

Temporary Staffing Company
$1MM A/R Line of Credit

Successful staffing company located in the northeast United States had maxed out their small business loan from a bank and needed help to meet payroll.

Digital Advertising Company
$200K Non-Recourse Loan

Needed help with the acquisition of a competitor that had recently placed into the special asset division of their bank and we provided enough liquidity to close.

Sportswear Apparel Company
$4MM Line of Credit

Given our history of apparel clients and years in business, we provided an A/R line that freed up capital that helped fulfill orders and get the company focused.

Longstanding Coffee Warehouse
$3MM Factoring Line of Credit

We moved fast and established the line for the client and funded the transaction in less than seven business days – opening up a number of opportunities for growth.

Engineering Firm for Tech Companies
$7MM Factoring Line of Credit

Successfully took out a hurtful IRS line and provided a line of working capital based on invoices from multiple B2B clients in the fast-paced technology sector.

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