A prominent wireline manufacturer serving the global oilfield industry, operating across 35 countries, was seeking financial assistance to pay off a conventional line of credit and secure additional funds to scale their operations. The client was referred to Porter Capital by a trusted broker, that we’ve been working with for years, who knew Porter Capital would be the right fit for this client.


The primary challenge was twofold: firstly, to provide the wireline manufacturer with the necessary capital to settle their traditional bank loan, and secondly, to enable further growth opportunities by offering additional financial resources.

Porter Capital’s Solution

Porter Capital engaged directly with the client to devise a tailored financing solution that would address their specific requirements. Collaboration with the client’s bank was an integral part of the process to ensure a seamless transition and maintain a positive relationship. The key components of the solution were as follows:

  1. Loan Repayment: Porter Capital facilitated the payoff of the client’s existing bank loan. This relieved the client of the debt-based line of credit and allowed them to focus on their core business activities.
  2. Funds for Expansion: By working closely with the client, Porter Capital ensured that they had access to the necessary funds for expanding their operations. This financial boost positioned the client to take advantage of growth opportunities in their industry.
  3. Collaboration with Bank: Porter Capital proactively collaborated with the client’s bank to facilitate a smooth transition. This approach not only upheld the pre-existing positive relationship between the client and the bank but also preserved the bank’s ability to retain the client’s deposits.

Win-Win-Win Outcome

This engagement resulted in a triple victory for all parties involved:

  1. Client’s Success: The wireline manufacturer successfully paid off their traditional bank loan, removing debt from their balance sheet. This strengthened their financial position and facilitated their growth ambitions.
  2. Bank Relationship: By working directly with the bank and maintaining open communication, Porter Capital ensured that the bank retained the client’s deposits. This fostered a positive and sustainable long-term relationship that could be leveraged for future business endeavors.
  3. Broker Incentive: The broker who facilitated this connection between the client and Porter Capital received a commission that extended throughout the duration of the client’s contract with Porter Capital. This incentive not only rewarded the broker’s role but also aligned their interests with the client’s success.


The wireline manufacturer’s partnership with Porter Capital exemplified a remarkable win-win-win scenario. Porter Capital’s expertise in tailoring financing solutions, coupled with its proactive approach to maintaining bank relationships, yielded positive outcomes for the client, the bank, and the broker. This case showcases Porter Capital’s commitment to fostering mutually beneficial arrangements that drive business growth and success.

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