Our Client

An award-winning agency specializing in creating, producing, and operating major business events, field marketing tours, and trade show environments for its clients. The agency prioritizes forming lasting connections with clients and delivering impactful solutions across multiple channels.



The agency was seeking financial stability amidst tightening credit from their long-term bank. Their current line size requirement was $8,000,000 and they sought a solution that would seamlessly integrate with their operations, ensure uninterrupted cash flow, and increase as their client portfolio grew. The agency sought a lender capable of meeting its financing needs on a quick timeline.


Porter Capital’s Solution

Recommended by a broker, Porter Capital was chosen for its flexible deal structures and ability to support growing line size needs. After the initial phone call, the Porter team flew to the agency’s headquarters to meet face-to-face. This proactive approach facilitated a deep understanding of the client’s business, future goals, and financial requirements. This also established a level of comfort and trust between the two teams and provided quick access to financial data.

This allowed Porter Capital to tailor its services to meet the client’s specific needs, ensuring support for future growth plans, billing processes, and extending borrowing eligibility days from the date of the invoice. This is not new for Porter Capital, while most alternative lenders adhere to shorter terms of invoice eligibility and a lower concentration cap.




Collaboration between Porter Capital’s sales, operations, and underwriting teams, alongside the client’s CFO and principals, ensured efficient deal negotiations and adherence to deadlines for an on-time close. By partnering with Porter Capital, the client gained access to predictable cash flow, essential for financial modeling and operational stability. This newfound financial stability allowed the client to leverage their cash more effectively.  Instead of waiting 6+ months for payments, the client receives cash upfront and can take on larger projects with improved margins.



Working with Porter Capital proved instrumental in addressing the client’s financial challenges. By refinancing their existing debt with Porter Capital, the client not only secured the necessary funding but also unlocked opportunities for business growth and enhanced financial stability. Through personalized service and a commitment to understanding the client’s needs, Porter Capital provided a tailored solution that empowered the client to take on larger jobs with bigger margins.


Porter Capital Can Help Fund Your Business Growth 

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