BIRMINGHAM, AL, November 1, 2022 (PRNewswire) — Porter Capital Corporation, a leading provider of working capital solutions, co-hosted the 31st annual Bird ‘N Hand event with BMSS Advisors and CPAs on October 21, 2022, at the beautiful Selwood Farm in Alpine, Alabama. This is an event that started small but has grown year over year to become one of the premier networking events in the Southeast.

“Bird ‘N Hand has always been about bringing our community together to share great ideas and this year we are happy to announce a charitable contribution to United Way to support their endeavors to advance the common good. We will continue to support United Way and encourage Bird ‘N Hand attendees to show their support as well,” said Marc Porter, CEO of Porter Capital.

Most Bird ‘N Hand attendees are from the finance industry and this year over 24 banks were represented. Attendees came from across the country and included technology firms, commercial real estate investors, and attorneys from several fields of law. This casual event is about networking and the sharing of information and strategies to improve businesses and communities. It is also about building friendships, having fun, and taking time to relax.

“The Bird ‘N Hand event is a great opportunity to make new business connections and share industry updates. I leave the event each year with new perspectives and colleagues that I can reach out to for collaboration, vendor recommendations, or even business referrals,” said Kate Smith, Vice President of Operations.

Porter Capital Corporation offers working capital solutions to companies across the country in a variety of industries and has been in business for over 30 years. During this time, Porter Capital has provided over $8 billion in funding and expanded to include a transportation division, Porter Freight Funding. From startups to large companies, Porter Capital can help companies expand, acquire other companies, or simply manage unexpected cash flow issues.

About Porter Capital Group

Porter Capital Corporation was founded in 1991 by brothers Marc and Donald Porter in Birmingham, AL. Porter offers working capital solutions to businesses all over the country in a variety of industries. As a direct lender and factoring company, Porter Capital has provided over $8 billion in funding since its inception. Porter Capital offers Invoice Factoring and Asset Based Credit Lines up to $25 million. Since founding the company, Porter Capital has expanded to include a special transportation division known as Porter Freight Funding. The Porter businesses continue to grow by providing working capital solutions, emphasizing personalized, dedicated customer service without sacrificing speed and efficiency. To know more about Porter Capital Corporation and how it can be a working capital solution provider for businesses, call 1-888-865-PORT or visit its official website,

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